Helena Gath
Helena Gath

Helena Gath


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About Me

Franco-Argentine painter.
I was born in an artists' family where creating is like breathing.
My cultural diversity is my wealth, art my vocation, humanity my love.
Poetry, theatre, music, paintings and every minute of life feed my inspiration; I am fond of any exploration of new ways to create;
I like the correlation from intention and idea till gesture and realisation, to express the universal feelings of the humanity.
My world is the dream by which one can escape from reality...
I wish that you will have pleasure to discover my artwork and appreciate it.
You can contact me with Facebook Page: Helena Gath Artist.

Awards to the Artist

Named Academician of Arts, Accademia Greci Marino del Verbano, Italia, on demand of Dominique Le Magoarou, 2014
Premio Reimuncurá 2012, Comité Clamor Brzeska, Cura Malal, Coronel Suarez, Argentina, on demand of Corral de Piedra, 2013

Awards to Artworks

2012 Paris Toile d'Or Fncf: "Néréides I"
Padova, Critic Distinction: "2012 fine del mondo, quale mondo?"
2011 Treviso, Italia, Menzione Critica: "Ma Maison"
2009 Barcelona, Premio de honor: "Microcosmos"
2008 Buenos Aires, Argentina: Arte Destacado: "Angustia", Mención de honor: "Urbi et orbi"
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